Meet Gina


  • Switched from Gilenya® (fingolimod) capsules after taking them for over 15 years.
  • First attracted to TASCENSO ODT® (fingolimod) because of the orally disintegrating tablet.
  • Reassured by the support from Cycle Vita™, our dedicated hub support program.

Gina’s story

Gina is a positive and energetic person who loves life. She doesn’t let having MS get her down and loves to dance, sing and have fun.

She was diagnosed with MS in 1994 when she was 24 years old. At that time, she had a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old. She struggled with her diagnosis to start with, and says she cried for a whole year.

Then one day, she just woke up, and said “What am I doing? I’m not going to let this get me down.” And she has not let it get her down since!

Gina’s first symptom of MS was memory loss. She would be talking to someone and then suddenly forgot how to talk. Then she noticed her mouth starting to draw up and she thought it was a stroke. She had an MRI scan and was diagnosed with MS.

To start with she took herbal medicine but when she stopped, things got a lot worse, and she had to use a wheelchair.

Her doctor prescribed her with Gilenya® in 2005. She had no issues with Gilenya®.

Switching to TASCENSO ODT

Gina took Gilenya® for over 15 years. One day, her doctor suggested she consider switching to TASCENSO ODT. Gina wasn’t sure at first, but the fact that TASCENSO ODT would dissolve on her tongue really appealed to her. She did her research and found out that TASCENSO ODT is bioequivalent to Gilenya®, with the same safety, same efficacy and the same side effects.1

Even though Gilenya® was working for her, she describes the switch as a “no-brainer” and says she loves TASCENSO ODT.

“It is the best thing ever versus having to swallow a pill”

Gina also says she finds it a comfort knowing the Cycle Vita support team is there for her if she needs them. She hardly spoke to anyone at Gilenya® but the Cycle Vita team call and text her, and want to know how everything is going, which she thinks is a definite plus.

Cycle Vita provides patients with financial*, logistics and educational support, including a Bridge Program, Co-Pay Program and medical adherence support.*

“It has been a comfort knowing that Cycle Vita is there.”


Gina and her doctor decided to switch her from Gilenya® to TASCENSO ODT. Because she was switching from another fingolimod product and did not have a lapse in treatment for 14 days or more, she did not need any more baseline assessments or first dose observations.

In terms of the product, the only change she’s noticed is how easy it is to take TASCENSO ODT.

“The biggest thing I’d say, is how easy TASCENSO ODT is.”

Gina says she would definitely recommend patients with MS to look into TASCENSO ODT with their doctor.

Do you have a patient who could benefit from TASCENSO ODT?

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1. Data on file: REF-00075.

TASCENSO ODT® is a registered trademark of Handa Neuroscience, LLC.

Cycle Vita is a trademark of Cycle Pharmaceuticals Limited in the United States.

Gilenya® is a registered trademark of Novartis AG.

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Gina is taking TASCENSO ODT and has been compensated for her time.