TASCENSO Time Program

With TASCENSO ODT, it’s time for you.

Our TASCENSO Time Program provides a seamless, like-for-like in-home baseline assessment (BA) and first dose observation (FDO) experience.

If you are starting on TASCENSO ODT or are increasing your dose

If you are currently not on another fingolimod treatment or are increasing your fingolimod dose (from 0.25 mg to 0.5 mg), you will need to have baseline assessments and a first dose observation to initiate therapy. 1

If you are switching to TASCENSO ODT from another fingolimod treatment

If you are currently taking the same dose (0.25 mg or 0.5 mg) of another fingolimod treatment a first dose observation will not be required, providing you have not had a lapse in treatment for 14 days or more.1

What to expect from your Baseline Assessments

Assessments such as:

  • Blood work
  • An ECG
  • An eye exam
  • Liver enzymes

What to expect from your First Dose Observation

A healthcare provider will be with you for at least 6 hours after taking your first dose of TASCENSO ODT. Children will also be observed by a healthcare provider for at least 6 hours after taking their first dose of 0.5 mg of TASCENSO ODT when switching from the 0.25 mg dose.

How Cycle Vita will support youGet started with TASCENSO ODT


1. TASCENSO ODT (fingolimod). Prescribing Information. Cycle Pharmaceuticals Ltd.